Our story

I consider myself very fortunate to have a career that I dreamed of ever since my childhood.  Being a doctor allows me to follow my passion to help people.  My life was already hectic juggling between my family life and my career and it turned even more chaotic when we were http://find-bride.email/ blessed with our third child. Like every other working-mom, I faced the proverbial difficulty in finding the balance between my stressful career of being a physician and being a mother of 3 young kids. I didn’t want to make choice between my career and being there for my 3 young children when they need me. I founded Slayback Health, a telemedicine company as a way to both follow my passion to help people as well as to make sure I don’t miss any milestone of my children.
Through my company, Slayback, we now treat patients as far as Montana using technology.  Using telemedicine we are now able to help patients who live in the most remote areas of the country and have no real access to quality care. And ofcourse, it also helps me to spend time with my kids…. I truly believe that telemedicine will play a huge role in solving the growing physician shortage across the US.

I launched this company focusing on Tele-Primary care. We have slowly expanded our services to include other clinician services such as Tele-Endocrinology, http://findbridescam.com Tele-Psychiatry and Tele-Nutrition so that now our outpatient client clinics can truly provide a comprehensive care to their patients. We differentiate ourselves by providing on-demand services of our clinicians to the clinics.

We recently launched a direct to consumer model through our Tele-Nutrition services. Through Tele-Nutrition, our registered dietitians are able to meet consumers in their home any where in the country. We are constantly expanding our network with physicians and dietitians who are looking to expand their reach and at the same time looking for that elusive balance between family and career.

 Founder and CEO

Dr. Nirmala Chetty